Sunday, February 10, 2013

THE meet yesterday....

First off, let me start my telling you that the TGA girls had this meet yesterday and the TCA girls(we do both) were in Arlington, TX for the Dallas Cowboys Nationals.  We were suppose to go...suppose to being the key words.  We have several girls that do both, and bc of the time conflicts Level 1 TCA girls decided not to go bc of this.  THE meet yesterday... I walk into the gym to immediately hear a mom who designs ugly T-shirts and a coach talking about Zuri and how she is afraid of her.  Wrong.  Afraid? No.. You aren't her favorite person..yes.  I'm aggrated already.  We get a pep talk about judging the night prior and how it was rough.  Ok.  Bring it on.  Before the meet even starts, they introduce all the teams, sing the national anthem, etc etc.  Then we get a massive pep talk from an old lady from the host gym about how we are here to support our children, we are here to have fun, this is not a tennis match or a gold tournament and we need to cheer ALL the children on.  Lets practice this..First off are we 4 and need to repeat the directions given so its clear we undertsand them??  Secondly, when you get the pep talk about we are here to have fun, this is a recreational meet, bla bla bla really means we are fully aware that we are going to **** you over when it comes to judging , so please don't bitch at us.  Thirdly, who goes to a competition to have fun?  Nobody.  We go to win woman!  We start off on vault.  There were an odd number of teams there.  There were two teams on vault.  The team before us goes first and we watch the girls and the colors they receive and think just maybe these judges got the hint from parents bitching the night before and then our team goes and it starts.  Completely inconsisitent judging.  A few kids wipe out on vault, even do a few somesaults on top of it and get 1st place ribbons.  Not our team....  This stays the same the entire meet.  There were parents bitching all over the place.  Attitude everywhere.  We missed the Dallas Cowboys National Competition for THIS?  FAIL. 

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